Boost metabolism with alkaline ionized water

Ready, Set, Go: Boost Metabolism with Alkaline Water

Do you feel older than you actually are? Has your metabolism slowed to snail’s pace? One way our bodies age over time is with reduced metabolism. Calories we could consume at age 22 take vastly longer to break down when we’re 52. Of course, this is common sense. As you grow older, your body slows down; it’s the natural process of life.

But you can slow down the aging process with just one sip. Doctors and nutritionists alike agree: people who drink plenty of water every day add years to their longevity. But water, depending on the source, can have excess acidity which takes a toll on the body’s vital resources. In one study that measured urinary pH, researchers found that a lower pH (more acidic) is associated with cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and even the formation of kidney stones.

Research indicates that raising the body’s pH to a slightly alkaline level of 7.4 can be an effective way to boost metabolism, reducing risk of serious health problems like cardiovascular disease. Drinking alkaline water is just one way you raise your body’s pH, helping your system work more efficiently. You can also alter your diet to be more alkaline, by cooking with olive oil and eating lots of leafy greens.

Are you ready for an energized life? Get set, go.